Jack Zhoul is a singer-songwriter that currently calls the city of Zurich, Switzerland, his home.

The first time he picked up a guitar and found his passion for music was at the age of 16. He quickly fell in love with the songs of singers like Jack Savoretti, Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix and took inspiration not only from their unique voices but also from their ability to master the art of guitar play and create music that enchants people around the world. 

From the very beginning, the passionate young musician wrote his own songs. But it took until the ripe age of 24 before his friends could finally convince him to start making use of his raspy yet melodious voice and sing along to the harmonies of his guitar.

Before long, Jack Zhoul started doing concerts in bars, pubs and clubs around the Zurich and Basel areas, entertaining crowds with his mix of blues, folk, pop and acoustic rock.

In the spring of 2016, Jack Zhoul took to the studio for the first time and recorded his debut mixtape named "The Beginning".

Stay tuned, this page will allow you to take a closer look into the world of the up-and-coming artist and will keep you up to date with the newest developments!